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I knew Tim Douwsma before it was cool - Almost everyone in The Netherlands

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Highlights from the Australian commentary for Eurovision:

*Upon seeing the Netherlands host, Tim Douwsma*
Julia Zemiro: JESUS, look at him!

*Upon seeing the UK host, standing in front of green-screen Big Ben*
Julia: He’s not in London! He’s the commentator for BBC3!
UK Host: Hello Europe! London calling!
Julia: No your not! You’re not even in London! You’re in the booth down the corridor! I CAN SEE YOU!!!


Dear Netherlands,

how about doing us a little favour next year? Just send Tim Douwsma to the ESC 2015. We would really appreciate that.

Thanks in advance.

Love, Europe :)


when teachers actually start teaching on the first day of class


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What if everyone’s parents start getting tumblr like they did with Facebook

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